This pre-quiz helps us check your understanding of this week’s core concepts. We anticipate that this quiz will take approximately 20-30 minutes, after you’ve completed the required readings for the week.

Please complete in full 12 hours before our discussion time (11:30 PM Monday UTC / 6:30 PM Monday EST). Questions? Email karen@climatepedia.org.

Deep dive: Framing a message

First, please read this "What's in a frame?" article.

Hint: Go back through the Learner's Guide! The Story of Stuff was a strong example of framing, for instance. You may also choose to use one of the adaptation case study videos from last week's quiz.
Note: The framework elements are in ALL CAPS in the article: e.g. CONTEXT, EXPLANATORY CHAINS.
This will be your FIRST DRAFT -- I'll email this text back to you. During our communications deep dive this week, we'll be applying the framework elements & other communications strategies to our P2A message and project.