Week 12 “Pre-Quiz” (END-of-COURSE SURVEY)

We anticipate that this post-course survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Please complete in full 12 hours before our discussion time (11:30 PM Monday UTC / 6:30 PM Monday EST). Questions? Email karen@climatepedia.org.

This survey is anonymous! We value and honor your feedback: this helps our team continue to improve our program for future cohorts.

Your current climate knowledge:

NeverRarely (a few times a year)Sometimes (monthly)Often (weekly)Very frequently (multiple times per week)
Climate change science & measurement
Climate change impacts
Climate policy
Climate justice
Strategies for climate action (mitigation, adaptation)
Climate communication

Your climate action:

Definitely won'tProbably won'tUnsure / neutralProbably willDefinitely will

Course structure & facilitation feedback:

Discussion sections
Peer interview
Personal narrative
P2A project (generally)
P2A midterm & feedback