We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of articles and videos to provide a holistic perspective on our changing climate. 

0. Orientation
The tools to get you started!

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1. Climate science basics
We hear a lot about greenhouse gases, but what exactly are they, and how do they affect climate?
2. Oceans & Water Cycle
The ocean has a significant impact on climate change. That said, why is that impact so hard to measure?
3. Climate Models
Can science tell the future? Well, not exactly, but we are getting better.
4. Human & Env Impact I
What do the regional impacts of climate change mean for those who live there?
5. Human & Env Impact II
Nowhere experiences climate change exactly the same—learn about stressors experienced by regional ecosystems.
6. Intl. Climate Policy
How does the rest of the world view the issue of climate change, and what unified efforts have been put forth?
7. U.S. Political History
Why has climate policy traditionally been so politically divisive? What are the recent political trends?
8. Climate Mitigation
What role does technology play in solving the climate crisis, and what can economic policies do to harm or promote sustainability?
9: Climate Justice
“You won’t find [climate change skeptics] on the fire line in the American West anymore. We know what we’re seeing and we’re dealing with a period of climate that’s different from anything ever seen in our lifetimes.”

– Tom Boatner, U.S. BLM Chief of Fire Operations

10. Climate Resilience
Do we have the capability to adapt to the consequences of a warming world?
11. Climate Comms I
Now that we have a fully formed foundation for climate literacy, how can we use this information to foster a space for action?
12. Climate Comms II
We’ll develop the tools to talk and educate others about our changing climate.