Developing Climate Leaders

Climatepedia’s Certificate Program

The certificate program provides the skills and knowledge to effectively talk about our changing climate. It gives a 360 degree perspective on climate change, hands-on experience in climate communications and access to a growing network of climate leaders. College students and adults with demonstrated interests in climate change are encouraged to apply. Some of our past interns have been eligible for college credit and scholarships through their schools.

Over the course of twelve weeks, the Climatepedia certificate participants will learn climate science, technology and policy solutions — as well as effective climate communication strategies. The program includes:

  • Weekly Climate Literacy Readings compiled from news outlets, magazines and other publications. Topics include: (1) climate science; (2) environmental and climate policy; (3) climate solutions; and (4) effective communications
  • Weekly discussions with a mentor and other trainees to discuss the prior week’s readings and current events.
  • Mini-projects to help develop Climatepedia and our sister climate_memes initiative, including research and content creation.

On average, participants should expect a three to five hours per week commitment over the course of the program.

Who Should Apply?

Climatepedia certificate alumni come from diverse backgrounds, but share the common goal of learning how to build the skills and relationships to make a positive impact in the climate movement. The course is restricted to a limited number of interns per cohort, so only those with serious interest should apply. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the program.