The Tyndall Petition

The petition puts faces to the scientific agreement on the significant risks of Earth’s changing climate. It is an open statement from scientists to the public on the realities of climate impacts and the need to address greenhouse gas emissions. Explore the petition and credentials of each signatory below.

Why was the petition Started?

According to a Yale University study, over 90% of scientists agree climate change is being caused by people yet only about 50% of the general public believes there is scientific agreement. To bridge this gap, we started the Tyndall Petition to allow climate experts to easily and publicly voice their position on climate change. Scientists have many responsibilities and public outreach is not usually one of them. 

Why is it called the Tyndall Petition?

It is named after John Tyndall, a British scientist that discovered the heat-trapping properties of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in 1859. He was also a skilled speaker and author, who specialized in sharing science with the public. Over his lifetime he gave hundreds of presentations and wrote over a dozen books in support of educating the public.

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence that people are warming the Earth beyond natural variability. This position is held by virtually all climate scientists, NASA, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (the world’s most authoritative organization on climate change).


The question today is no longer if man-made climate change is happening, but how its challenges can be solved by human ingenuity. We must rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions in order to minimize the significant risks of climate change, such as more extreme heat waves, prolonged droughts and severe floods. Our actions will have lasting impacts on generations to come.”

Who’s signed?




How signatories are added

Each signatory is individually evaluated by our staff to ensure that they meet our standards as a climate expert. We prioritize those who conduct research, work at reputable institutions, and have highly relevant backgrounds. More→

Request to Sign

If you work in or specialize in climate science or a highly-related field, please email us at from your work email with a curriculum vitae and a link to your work website for consideration.