Ray Weiss

Title: Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Scripps Institution of Oceanography / UCSD

PhD, Earth Sciences

pecialty: The discovery and characterization of the increase and global distribution of atmospheric nitrous oxide, a stratospheric ozone depleter and a greenhouse gas regulated by both the Montreal and Kyoto Protocols; the first experimental proof of the existence of deep-sea hydrothermal vents; the practical application of the measurement of dissolved atmospheric chlorofluorocarbons to determine the rates of ventilation, transport and mixing processes in the deep ocean and in deep lakes; the first geochemical study of mixing processes in the Weddell Sea, a major source of deep water for the world oceans; and, the first accurate calibration of the global abundance and variations of the atmospheric hydroxyl radical, the atmosphere’s primary cleansing agent.


Ray is a signatory of the Tyndall Petition, a statement backed by climate experts acknowledging the significant risks of climate change and the urgent need for emission reductions.

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